Death Angel

DEATH ANGEL is often referred to as one of the key bands in the Bay Area thrash metal scene besides acts like Metallica, Exodus and Testament. After a ten-year long hiatus they triumphantly returned to the stage in 2001 and are the living proof, that there are exceptions to the rule, because this reunion was more than overdue. Mark Osegueda’s voice is one of the few that is instantly recognizable – quite like the guitar work of his longtime ally Rob Cavestany. They keep on spearheading the genre with acclaimed album releases and live performances.

On Tour

02.07.20 - 04.07.2020
Dokkum, Netherlands
03.07.20 - 04.07.2020
Égriselles-le-Bocage, France
Tübingen, Germany
Lindau, Germany
supporting SEPULTURA
24.07.20 - 25.07.2020
Essen, Germany
free entry
29.07.20 - 01.08.2020
Székesfehérvár, Hungary
30.07.20 - 01.08.2020
Wacken, Germany
30.07.20 - 02.08.2020
Brașov, Romania
Leoben, Austria
08.07.21 - 11.07.2021
Vizovice, Czech Republic
25.07.21 - 31.07.2021
Tolmin, Slovenia

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