Neverland in Ashes

Coming soaring out of Cologne’s high flying metal scene, Neverland In Ashes are a deeply emotional modern metal group looking to push boundaries. Their music tells tales of heart rending conflict and the desperate fight of daily existence. Their honest and truly intimate approach is inspiring and provides solace through even the darkest of nights. Fusing the sounds of everyone from Unearth to Heaven Shall Burn by way of Caliban and At The Gates, this German five piece has pieced together something truly special.


Over the last years Neverland In Ashes‘ music is taking a darker and more emotional turn, inspired by all the cruelty that surrounds us. Melding misery with wrath, dark with light, and brutality with poetic lyricism, Neverland In Ashes are excited to crack skulls and touch souls. This is modern German metal at its finest and these Cologne crushers are gearing up to destroy a venue near you.

On Tour

Neverland in Ashes | Supporting MISTER MISERY – „The Reawakening Tour 2022“
Munich, Germany
Frankfurt a.M., Germany
Leipzig, Germany
Hamburg, Germany
Bochum, Germany
Berlin, Germany

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